Sonnet IV

for Christabel

Bright light and death – these two define our days
Solace is sought in shade and screened dreams
Little is found… Death clings to keys and jeans
Nailbeds, rings – poisons rest with deep unease.
Escape! But how in ceaseless sun-blaze?
On streets, bald need, distrust, raw rage main themes
Online all is sad tales, data, mad schemes –
Lies held close as kin, truth smeared, debased.

Relief hides in birdsong – bright joy, high trilled
In leafs and stalks striking mute from black earth
In sharp nettle sting, in peach rose splendour
In laughter free, love skeins frayed yet un-killed
In stars, in song, in drink – in deep dense breath
In life’s true rhythms, in hearts full and tendre

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